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Entrenched positions can be devastating to all those concerned.  Conflicts create uncertainty, instability and are costly.  No winners.  Mediation is a process managed by an unbiased and independent voice in a confidential setting.  I have years of experience dealing with people in difficult situations looking for solutions.  Some solutions are better than others, but in a mediated outcome, the solutions are what you agree to, not what someone dictates. Let me help you achieve your solution.     

Facilitation - Buy and sell 

Buying and selling a business is a stressful time.  Appointing a facilitator to assist with a bipartisan approach to the buy/sale process will help reduce stress and tension, mitigating the risk associated with the asymmetry of information.   


Working towards a common goal or outcome my facilitation services will help you focus on what's important.  Facilitation will help you identify the issues, educate, get a agreement and suggest courses of action.  


Whether you run a cafe, IT, manufacturing, retailing or an eCommerce business, all businesses need to minimise liability and risk. I can assess your the structure of your operation and with my connected network tailor the right risk, and more, so you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your business.

Facilitation - Pre-Conflict 

Used to avoid conflict and create collaboration around commons goals.  This form of facilitation can be used as a preventative conflict tool.  This is a process.  A process where I oversee the progress of meetings to alleviate tensions, differentiate between personal and organisational goals or objectives.    


Being in business is tough.  There are good strategies and bad ones.  More often than not business strategic plans are bad.  Really bad.  I have simplified the strategic business planning process. It's not hard.  A focused facilitated business planning session helps you focus on the key elements of your business.